Killing of whales for food

August 9, 2007

I sent this to the editor of the Globe and Mail but it didn’t get into the paper. This is my first letter ever to the editor.I knew something that wasn’t common knowlege here in Canada. I was responding to an article on the Faroe Islands and a paragraph about the killing of Pilot Whales.

My mother is Faroese from Vaag on Suderoe (South Island) and I have visited twice and lived there once as a small child.I’ve never seen the butchering of Pilot Whales myself but I have been told about it and I’ve eaten whale meat. Once a year usually in June the Pilot Whales come by the fjord of Vaag with the Golf Stream. They are spoted by fishermen and several boats got out to drive as many whales as possible into the fjord. The whales are beached and specific people who are trained, cut the whales throat with  large sharp knives used only for this purpose. The key is a quick death and that no whales drown. The meat is divided up according to how many are in each family in the village. They have been supplementing their diet of birds,fish, mutton and potatoes with whale meat for centuries. There is no natural trees and it’s diffecult to grow vegetables or fruit except for in green houses. Butchering of whales is done humanely and they only kill what is needed.  It is more humane then what we do to slaughter the animals we eat here in North America.

Later I had a conversation with my daughter in laws relatives from Sandy Bay Reserve in Manitoba. We talked about the whale hunting practices of B.C. coastal Natives and I was able  to share my  limited knowlege about whale hunting from the Faroe Islands. What a cool connection! The whales were our connection. I’m proud to come from such a tradition.


The Labyrinth

March 27, 2007

Lately I’ve been interested in labyrinths, what they’re about and how you use them. I’ve been reading a book called “Walking a Sacred Path” by Lauren Artress, an interesting book. Labyrinths were put into the floor of Churches because, due to the crusades, Christians could no longer go on pilgrimages to the Holy Land”. Walking a labyrinth is like being on a spiritual journey, a pilgrimage.I have a desire and a longing to go on a pilgrimage. I want to start by walking the labyrinth at St. Pauls in Vancouver, B.C.
At the same time I joined a writing group at our Church every Wednesday during Lent. Writing is new to me, about 2 years old. Our pastor made up a game using a labyrinth on a board with different colored dots on the pathways. We roll dice to move forward through the labyrinth. Each color represents different topics to write about which are found on cards. When it’s your turn you pick one.Then we write and share, if we want to. It’s fun and serious.I’m on a mini pilgrimage.

Here goes….

March 10, 2007

The reason I’m even blogging, is that my husband sent me an invite (I thought, I’ll do that later) and then my sister in Denmark challenged me to get my own blog site. I enjoy reading both their blogs.I thought:”I can do this!”
I’ve never been quick to jump on the band wagon of technology, have always managed ok without computers, e-mail and the internet. I believe in keeping life simple.
Gradually, sometimes out of need and just not wanting to be left behind, I’ve acquired knowledge and the skills needed. It sure has expanded my world. So here goes…. the first step taken to entering the world of blogging.

Hello world!

March 10, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!